Don’t hide your talents

Today in Mass my pastor said that our difficulties are just as much our talents as are the things we consider talents (or gifts).

The longer I sat there thinking about it, the more it made sense.  Everything is a gift, he said, somethings we just don’t see that way.  But they are gifts nonetheless.  So if we accept the gifts God has given us (e.g. kindness, beauty, charity, patience, etc.) then why don’t we accept the gifts of trials, troubles, and tests?  These things refine us, make us who we are.  They are just as beautiful and priceless as our virtues.

St. Pope John Paul II said, “If we have the duty of helping others to be converted, we have to do the same in our lives continuously.”  That means, don’t bury your talents, good or otherwise.  My pastor told us this doesn’t mean we need to shout our secrets from the rooftops, but explained that we don’t need to hide our hurts or our troubles.  These are gifts from God and we need to learn to thank Him for each and every one of them.

Lord Jesus, we see that you have given us so much.  Our very lives are a gift from you.  On this day I give you praise for the good things and I things I think aren’t so great in my life.  I want to use them all for the glory of your name.  I ask for the grace to do this through St. Philomena’s intercession.  Amen.

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