Advent: A Time of Preparation

We prepare ourselves for Church.  We do our hair, choose our outfits carefully, wear our “Mass shoes”, and run the lint roller over our nice coats.

Whatever your Mass routine is, I’m sure it’s a little different than your other routines.  We try to be a little more pulled together for God.  Why?  Well because He deserves it!

So here we are, halfway through the Advent season, preparing for the coming of Christ Jesus.  How do we prepare?  I personally love Confession for any and all prep work.  I love going to Confession before Mass, before something big in my life, before Easter, and especially before Christmas.  We want our hearts to be pure dwelling places for the baby Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus, we ask that You bless us with a pure heart.  Wash away our sins and dwell within us.  We ask this through Mary, our most pure Mother.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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