Gazing on God

Is there anywhere else on the planet that feels as peaceful as an Adoration chapel?

The peace found while sitting in the presence of the Lord is inexplicable.  It is that peace spoken of in Philippians, the one that surpasses all understanding.

My family has gone to Eucharistic Adoration my whole life.  There are two churches with perpetual (twenty-four hour) Adoration in the town I live in.  There are almost always other adorers there while I’m there and it is so inspiring to me to see other people taking time to gaze lovingly at the Lord.

I encourage you to spend time in the presence of God.  Short of receiving Him in the Eucharist, this is the closest we can come to tasting Heaven.  If eternity is all about praising God while being with Him forever, doesn’t sitting and looking at Him for a few minutes seem like a good idea? :)  Every time I go, I am strengthened and given peace.

St. Philomena experienced a similar peace when Our Lady visited her in prison holding her Divine Son in her arms.  She too was able to gaze on Jesus, our Creator, Savior, and friend.

Lord Jesus, I ask that You give us all the peace that comes from gazing on Your Eucharistic form.  Touch our lives and souls and change us forever.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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