St. Philomena’s Friend


Today is the feast day of St. Agnes.

St. Agnes wasn’t literally St. Philomena’s friend, but when I read about her, I realized how similar they were.  Both were martyred at age thirteen for their faith, they were both virgins, and they both valued God above everything else.  These young girls were stronger than most teens today (because of the grace of God within them), which makes them perfect role models.

Martyrdom brings perfection, something we are all striving towards.  Martyrdom is baptism by blood.  Virginity is the white crown that Our Lady offered to St. Maximilian Kolbe.  So many of the early martyrs were virgins as well, dying because of their commitment to Christ.

This double dose of perfection seems daunting sometimes.  However, these teen saints were people just like us.  They sinned, messed up, but always returned to Christ.  Because of this, St. Philomena and St. Agnes are friends in Heaven!

Lord Jesus, we ask for the grace to remain in You.  We ask for purity of heart and mind.  We desire the strength to die for You if we are called to do so someday.  Grant us these things through the intercession of the teen Saints Philomena and Agnes.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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