The Innumerable Paths to God


I’m reading this book right now.  Even though I thought it would be really heady and hard to get through, it has shocked me with how easy it is to read.

In the introduction, something snagged my attention.  An atheist asked Cardinal Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict XVI) how many paths there are to God.  The Cardinal replied that there are as many paths to God as there are people in the world.

I had never thought about this before.  I’m intrigued by that idea and haven’t stopped thinking about it for days (which is why I’m writing about it!).  As soon as I read the question, I immediately thought, “One, duh!”  However, clearly this cannot be the case.  I had to compare myself to St. Philomena.  I don’t plan to receiving an offer of marriage from a Roman Emperor, declining it, and then being tortured and killed for my faith.  That was St. Philomena’s path to God, not mine.

So what is our path to God?  Well all of these “paths” are found in the sacraments and the Holy Spirit.  They are found when we imitate Christ and pray daily.  They are also found in our vocational callings (religious, married, single) as well as the job or task we are called to (lawyer, doctor, mother, etc.).

Our path has been planned out specifically for us by God before we were formed in our mother’s womb (see Jeremiah 1:5).  All we have to do is ask God to guide us.

Holy Spirit, guide our steps on our path toward Heaven.  We see the ultimate goal before us.  We want to be in the light of Christ forever.  We ask for graces that we may attain eternal happiness and life in God.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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