Bad Days aren’t Bad

“Bad Days aren’t Bad.” Cliche?  Maybe.  However, I had to realize this today to make it through.

I’ve been stuck at home a lot lately because of a combination of subzero temperatures and snow.  I used to be homeschooled and I love being home.  Now that I go to school though, I’m used to seeing people every day and being out of the house.  Needless to say, I have a case of cabin fever.  When it snowed again today, I labelled today a “bad day.”

But what truly makes our days bad?  What makes darkness “dark?”  Darkness is the absence of light.  Therefore our bad days must be the absence of good (aka Jesus!).  Maybe that sounds cliche too, but I kind of like the analogy.  Sometimes the only way I can understand something is to relate it to something else.

So what do we do on our bad days?  Well I was in a really bad mood.  Then I realized I was becoming hard to live with and I shaped up.  I complained to God, then I told Him I’d try again.  That was a hard moment.  But now that it’s over, my day has been better and I can accept that it was part of His greater plan for my day.  I hope and pray that this is the case for any “bad” days that you will have.

Dear Lord, I pray that Your light will always break through my bad moods and brighten my days.  I pray that my heart may never be closed to You.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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