We’ve passed the halfway mark

The third quarter of school ends this week, which I can’t believe.  It means spring is here and that summer is roughly nine weeks away.

Life has been a little busy lately with tests, projects, musical practices, and softball at my school.  While the whirlwind has been exhausting, the warm weather has been refreshing.  It is nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine without worrying about freezing to death!  I have had many blessings in my life lately and the above-zero weather is definitely one of them!

We are more than halfway through Lent, a realization that struck me the other night at Mass when the Bishop pointed it out to the congregation during his homily.  We are closer to Our Lord’s resurrection than we are to Ash Wednesday.  That is both encouraging to me and upsetting.  I haven’t stuck to my Lenten resolutions as well as I had hoped.  However, I still have a few weeks to discipline myself and get back on track.

I hope that as warm weather finds its way to you, so will God’s strength and grace to keep you going in this Lenten season.  Today, we should ask for St. Joseph’s help in this.  We know that he chose to do difficult things for God and we can ask for his help to do the same.

St. Joseph, I ask that you intercede for me with Jesus, that I would be able to live out the rest of this Lent faithfully.  I know that you struggled for God but that He gave you the graces to walk on.  I ask for a share of this grace and endurance.  Amen.
-Courtney C. Filomena Lee

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