What is in the Ordinary is not Ordinary

Life has been stressful lately.  It seems like spring comes, and everything happens at once.

Despite the whirl of excitement, life has been ordinary.  I wake up reluctantly every morning, see the same people every day, have play practice every day, have the same homework load every night, and drop into bed exhausted the same way.  The monotony and daily trials seem the same and it is easy for me to fall into a routine that forgets God.  I think it is because I am so focused on “staying on track” that I forget that the “track” I’m on should be the one that will lead me closest to the Lord.

The funny thing about these ordinary days (in which one feels so much like the next) is that they are not ordinary at all.  Any day in which we serve the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, we have done the most extraordinary thing we can possibly do.  It is extraordinary not only because we did it, but because we did it for Him and in Him.  When we realize this, we see the abundance of grace He has blessed us with and can be more fully united with Him and the hosts of angels and saints in Heaven and on earth.

I hope that, on this day so early in a week that I know will be so long, I will be able to break my routine enough to accommodate prayer and time spent in silence with Jesus.  I want to work hard for Him, but also rest in His peace for a while each day so that I don’t get swept up in the world and forget why He put me here in the first place.  This is my prayer for all of you as well.  I hope that you have a blessed week.

Lord Jesus, I ask that the remainder of this week be dedicated to You through Your most holy Mother, Mary.  I offer You the days that have already passed as well.  I know that I want to be Yours and that You are already mine.  I come to You today with a humble heart, praying that You give me strength and peace to live out the rest of this week for Your glory.  I ask this in Your Name.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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