The Lamp on the Stand


I know it has been a long while since I’ve written a post, but I hope you didn’t give up on me!  In August, I started school at Franciscan University studying business management.  Since then, I’ve been kept busy with a million different things, but what I have really missed is writing, especially here.

So what has college taught me so far?  Good question.

I’m blessed to be attending the most Catholic university in the world.  The truth is integrated into the classrooms here and carried out onto all of campus.  There is an Adoration chapel in nearly every building and three Masses every day.  I’m blessed to be in a place that cultivates and solidifies my faith, instead of testing it.

So what have I learned?  In my moral theology class with Most Rev. Bishop Jeffery Monforton (yes, I have a bishop as a professor), we are learning about the role of the Catholic person in the world.  He is teaching us to be apologists, to be ready to speak up for our faith, like the Catechism tells us we must do.

Last night, I attended a talk on campus by Fight the New Drug, a movement that started over six years ago to fight the pornography industry.  Sometimes I find myself getting swept up in the Catholic culture that I am immersed in and forgetting that there are people out there who need a message of hope.  Only Catholics can truly bring the love of God since we are sent by Him to make disciples of all nations.  Last night, I was reminded again of why I am here.  I’m not here for my own benefit.  No, I’m here so that I can effectively do my part in the world as a faithful Catholic; namely, help others know the love of God and get to Heaven.

St. Philomena’s story is the perfect example of a young woman who saw the evil in the world and who stood as a model of light and God’s love anyway.  I strive every day to be more like her, to bring my faith, my gifts, and my blessings to the world.  Faith isn’t something we can hide under a bushel, like the Gospel says, it must be put on a stand for all to see.

Today, let us all remember our calling as Catholics, as children of God.  Let us put our lamps on the stand for all to see, and let us bring our faith to all, no matter how imperfect we think we are.

St. Philomena, pray for us!

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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