Some BIG news…

There is something exciting happening at the end of this week and I wanted to share my news with you!

I will be giving a talk to a parish down in Kentucky at the end of this week!  It is the first time I’ve traveled to do something like this and I am very excited.  It will be amazing to meet youth who love St. Philomena and who are striving for purity and fortitude in a community setting.  Moreover, it will be incredible to be able to talk to them about my book and my devotion to the stubborn little princess.

For this reason, I’m going to be adding a “Speaking Events” section to this website (found under “Contact”) with a way to contact me to come to your parish or event to speak to youth and young adults.

I see this idea as having great potential.  I won’t be able to travel all the time, but I am somewhat flexible, and I want to use my time to bring others close to God through my dear friend, St. Philomena.  If you think that your parish or youth group may want (or need) to hear the message of St. Philomena, I encourage you to contact me and we can make arrangements!  I would love to meet you, your community, and encourage you all (especially the youth) in your journey toward Heaven.

In addition to this new page on the website, there is another new page (found in the same place) where you can ask any questions you have and I will put my reply on my blog!

I am looking for inspiration for my blog posts and I would love to hear from you!  Head on over to the new page and send in your questions!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!  As always, let us end in prayer…

Dearest St. Philomena, we ask for your intercession in our lives and in the lives of those around us.  Inspire us to be stubbornly faithful and unwavering in our beliefs.  Intercede for the grace we need to have fortitude and courage.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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