My trip to Radcliff, Kentucky


This weekend, I was able to visit St. Christopher’s parish in Radcliff, KY.  I spoke to the youth groups there, but I primarily went to visit the Children of Mary girls’ group (above).  They have a special devotion to St. Philomena and have all read my book.

This was a life changing experience and it was all thanks to Diana Gatsche and Fr. Hopper.  Being able to share my story with the girls was amazing because I was able to see St. Philomena touching each of their lives right before my eyes.

On Sunday, I was able to stand in front of a room of both boys and girls (ages 10-16) and tell them the story of St. Philomena, my story, and share some of my thoughts with them about stubborn faith.  It was an afternoon full of powerful moments.  St. Philomena’s story is so relatable and impactful and I think she was able to reach each of them throughout the talk and our question/answer time.  It was inspiring to watch St. Philomena working this weekend and it is humbling to be playing a part in sharing this story with the world.

Thank you to everyone at St. Christopher’s for having me and for all of your generosity and kindness!

Here are some more pictures from the weekend!  Also, please be sure to check out the “Ask the Author” section of the website here.  The first question will be answered on tomorrow’s blog post!


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