Ask the Author (#1)

Welcome to Ask the Author!  This is our first question:

“Can you show me the picture of your St. Philomena that is still smiling?” -Filomena, age 11

When I was in Kentucky, I told a story to the youth groups about a picture I have of St. Philomena.  When I was about seven-years-old, my godparents visited St. Philomena’s shrine in Italy and brought back a print of her photo, the one on the cover of my book.  It illustrates St. Philomena in prison.  Well, as a seven-year-old, I remember thinking, “This is a really awful picture!”  St. Philomena was not only in prison, but she was frowning.  Severely.

To try to balance the frown, my mom and I decorated the picture with flowers and sparkly ribbon, as you will see in the pictures below.  I was seven and, when you’re seven, flowers and sparkles seem to be able to fix most thing.  :)

Despite the frown, I prayed in front of the picture every night.  One day, after praying very hard about something that was happening at the time, I returned to my room to find that the picture was no longer frowning, but SMILING.

I called my mom into the room and she asked me, “What did you do to the picture???”  I told her that I hadn’t done anything, and we decided to kneel down and pray in front of the picture.  From that time on, even though the flowers and sparkles seem a little silly, I haven’t changed the picture at all.  It was truly a miracle in my life.  Of course, it was the inspiration for the cover of the book as well.

So here are the photos I took of my picture of St. Philomena:



I hope you will all take the time to check out the Ask the Author section and submit your questions!  Thank you, Filomena, for your question!


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