I survived Roe vs Wade

I am going to the March for Life for the first time tomorrow and I wanted to write about how much it means to me.


With everything going on right now with the Right to Life movement and everything happening in Washington, I just want to say how grateful I am that I was given a chance to live.  My story is in the back of my book, but I’d like to take a minute to write about the fact that I was supposed to be aborted.

My mom was told near the beginning of her pregnancy that I was going to be born with Down syndrome.  Immediately the doctor and nurses she saw told her to get an abortion, not even thinking that my mom might want to keep me.  We all know how scary doctors can be at times – always delivering bad news and making it seem like the worst is about to happen.

As is common, Down syndrome was presented as a burden and a flaw.  My worth as a human being was not considered by the doctors.  They didn’t see me as a child of God (or if they did, they definitely didn’t tell my mom) who was flawless because of my likeness to the Creator.

My mom was fearless.  She changed doctors, finding one that was pro-life.  He didn’t tell her to have an abortion.  He helped her to have a healthy pregnancy (though he did still think there would be other issues with me – finding bubbles on my brain and ultimately predicting that I would be stillborn) and didn’t just tell her to get rid of the “problem.”

Every life has invaluable worth.  Think of the impact one life can have on the world, no matter how influential they are in our eyes.  Helping just one soul get to Heaven is an immeasurable accomplishment with eternal reward.

I am extremely grateful for my chance to live.  I hope that I’ve had some impact and that I will be able to live out the life God has planned for me for all eternity.  I am here for a purpose.  Today I pray for the mothers who are considering abortion and tomorrow I will march with thousands of others in hopes that one day this all will end.  Please pray for the unborn especially tomorrow!

-Courtney C. Filomena Lee


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