Ask the Author (#5)

“What really initially inspired Philomena and her faith in Jesus?  Was it a prayer or a witness?”  -Clare, age 14

Amazing question!  Thanks Clare!


I think it was both, in a way.  St. Philomena’s parents were converts to the faith and I’m sure they were excellent witnesses to their daughter.  They named her “Philomena” because it means, “daughter of light.”  Her name symbolizes the light she was to her parents, her people, and eventually the Emperor of Rome and the world.

St. Philomena’s prayer life would have been strong too.  She was able to depend on God in the face of the most difficult trials.  Someone taught her to pray from the heart, which I’m sure was a huge inspiration to the little girl.

St. Philomena had many sources of inspiration in her life, but I’m sure her relationship with Jesus was her biggest source of strength.

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