About the Author

Courtney began writing her biography on the life of St. Philomena at age thirteen, after realizing that there were no existing stories about the young saint’s life for people her own age. As a young child, she developed a devotion to St. Philomena, finding that she could relate to the saint in many ways.  She grew to love the examples of chastity and martyrdom that were exemplified in St. Philomena’s life. As one of the youngest writer’s to publish a biography on the life of a saint, Courtney has been featured in Spirit Daily and her book is currently available for sale on Amazon in paperback or kindle version.

Courtney recently gave her first talk at a parish in Radcliff, KY and is eager to keep speaking and spread the word about St. Philomena and her message of purity and stubbornness!

Courtney Lee is now a freshman in college at Franciscan University of Steubenville.  She is studying business management and hopes to own her own publishing company someday.  She is still writing, so watch for announcements about her first fictional work!  Ask questions in the “Ask the Author” section and have them answered on the blog!